Beautiful, handcrafted dollhouse miniatures in 1:12 scale. Many of the products seen in this store are original one of a kind (OOAK) pieces crafted by dedicated talented artisans. Most in fact are the handiwork of Marguerite Burbidge.

Our catalogue of fantastic miniatures includes Candies, Cakes and Cookies, Plates of Food, Fruits and Vegetables, Home Decor, Rugs, Plants and Flowers, Hardware and Supplies. The store will continue to grow as we get all the great minis that Marg creates plus those from other artisans into the site.

We have also put together some seasonal collections for those special times of the year when you might want to create a vignette or dress up your houses. A few of those collections are Easter, Christmas, Halloween and Summer Harvest. Check out the adorable miniature Christmas trees in Christmas.

All of Marg’s work is custom so if you do see something you like and but would like a variation that is not on the site please let us know. Custom work would probably be a little more expensive but not outrageous.

You can contact us at

Prices are in US dollars and we currently only accept payment through PayPal. However if you would like to pay by certified cheque we can make arrangements, just email us your order and how you would like to pay to

We ship using Canada Postal Services. Shipping will be actual cost plus a small charge for shipping materials and handling (usually $1.00 or slightly more for large orders)